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Why are Dental Implants in Mexico Cheaper

History often speaks about the California gold rush, but very few have been speaking about the Mexican dental rush that is occurring right now. Due to the high demand of dental care and dental procedures, Californians close to the border of Mexico have been flocking to border downs for the all of their oral hygiene and dental needs.

The reasons make perfect sense, and ultimately follow the basic supply, demand, and capitalistic model. Overhead in Mexico is cheaper than the United States. This allows dentists, even those who have been trained in North America, to charge much less for the services they provide. Dental implants Mexico, root canals Mexico, dental crowns, and veneers no longer have to break the bank. Typical savings for these dental procedures can be as high as 75%, and even higher for Californians who can do a day trip by car.

This trend has been growing for the past twenty five years, and will continue to as individuals and families look at different ways to stretch their budget. A family’s savings, or a person’s retirement can be wiped out instantly with one high cost visit to a dentist. Having the ability to get affordable dental work, dentures, or anything in between can be the difference between losing all of your teeth or going broke.

In some cases, dentist offices across the border in Mexico actually take dental insurance from providers in the United States. This is possible because insurance carriers are recognizing that the care is identical and love anything that will help their own bottom line. This makes dental care almost no cost to the patient, since they will typically have no out of pocket expense when all is said and done.

Unfortunately, the cost of dentistry in the United States and Canada is not going down anytime soon. If the statistical predictions are right, you can expect a ten percent increase each year of the cost of regular dental procedures. This creates and even larger value for those who become dental tourists. Even when the costs of travel are factored in, a dental implant plus the travel cost of an entire family for a week in Mexico will be less than what would have been spent locally.

Since the cost of being a dentist in Mexico is so much less than in the United States, dental offices are able to carry the newest equipment available, so each office is truly cutting edge.